Our solutions fit everyone

Our travel technology solutions are suitable for all companies of the travel industry: TMC, tour operators, large and small travel agencies, online travel agencies, or business travel companies. We can meet any business requirements. All parties of the tourism industry are welcome to take advantage of MultiReisen solutions.

Get free access to the online booking engine to make bookings - Free B2B registration
  • Use our website to make bookings
  • Upload logo and contact data for your vouchers and invoices
  • Create your customer database
  • Set up mark up in your Back Office
  • Operate independently with your currency settings and payment gateways
  • Control your business via financial report and business analytics.

Become online travel agency within 1 week only using our technology under your brand

Take our technology under your brand and add your own suppliers

Expand the inventory of your booking engine through our REST API

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Cruise
  • Car Rental
  • Transfer
  • Train

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